change the creating department's items in

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......@@ -202,14 +202,25 @@ module.exports = function(session){
csvLoader = require('@unitybase/base').dataLoader,
conn = session.connection;'\t\tDepartments (req_depart)');'\t\tFill Departments field (req_depart)');
csvLoader.loadSimpleCSVData(conn, __dirname + '/req_depart.csv', 'req_depart', 'name;postAddr;phoneNum'.split(';'), [0,1,2], 1);
Run the script with the command `ubcli initialize`. For not to execute the previous file `010_create_navshortcuts.js`, you must put a _ at the beginning of its name.
To run the script, run the command in the root of project
`ubcli initialize -u admin -p admin -host http://localhost:888 -m RequestList`
The following message should appear in the console:
If you see the following message
This means that the departments with such names was created earlier. You can
* delete the departments list manually in the admin panel
* execute the file `init.cmd` that will reinitialize the entire project.In this case, all the shortcuts, roles and users previously created in the admin panel are deleted. Forms, reports and charts remain in the folder as files.
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