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minor ubq_messages doc changes

parent 814b20e3
......@@ -101,12 +101,13 @@ function getFnFromNS (path) {
* {
* schedulerName:, command: cfg.command, module: cfg.module,
* singleton: cfg.singleton !== false, logSuccessful: cfg.logSuccessful
* singleton: cfg.singleton !== false, logSuccessful: cfg.logSuccessful,
* runAsID: optional user ID for runAs
* }
* `command` must be a function name (may including namespace), for example `UB.UBQ.sendQueueMail` or `ubs_message_edit.notifyAllRecipients`
* in case `command` not passed `module` must be a module what export default a function, for example module: '@unitybase/myModule/schedTask'
* and in schedTask.js `module exports = function() {...}`
* and in schedTask.js: `module exports = function() {...}`
* In case `singleton` parameter is missing or === false scheduler can run a multiple instances of the same task,
* otherwise - if previous task with the same name not finished yet current task will not be executed
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