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# gzip / gunzip / bunzip support for server-side UB with JSZip compatible API
On server side can be used as a direct (and much faster) replacement for `jszip`.
In addition:
- support opening a zip FILE (from file system path) for create/read/write. In this case zipped content
is written directly into file without addition memory consumption.
- `.file` method can accept base64 encoded content - will be decoded before adding to zip
- `.file` method can accept `path/to/existed/file` - will add passed file to ZIP using chunks (no addition memory consumption)
> For memory buffer compression speed is ~ 50Mb/s, decompression ~ 70Mb/s.
>In real life file adding/extraction speed is limited by HDD\SSD speed.
const compressors = require('@unitybase/compressors');
const UZip = compressors.UZip
const uZip = new UZip('/some/')
.file('newFile.txt', 'String file content', { type: 'string' })
.file('folder/fromBuf.txt', Buffer.from('String file content').toString('base64'), { base64: true })
.file('os-release.txt', '/etc/os-release', {isFilename: true})
type: 'file',
filename: '/tmp/'
const readZ = new UZip('/tmp/')
const osVersion = readZ.file('os-release.txt').asText()
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